ABOUT USDefending Freedom and Seeking Justice


  • Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) Chief Counsel Benjamin Bull travels to Europe to coordinate the legal defence of Swedish pastor Ake Green, sentenced to six months in prison for engaging in 'hate speech' by preaching a sermon in his church on biblical sexuality.
  • Pastor Green is acquitted at the Swedish Supreme Court, but told by the chief prosecutor to 'get a new Bible' that does not describe homosexual behaviour as sin. Afterwards, Pastor Green says: 'I am a free man today because of ADF.' This legal precedent, if not overturned, could have censored the Gospel throughout Europe.
  • ADF learns about Hindu mobs slaughtering Christians in the Kandhammel District of Orissa, India. Christian villages were attacked at night. Homes, churches, and schools were torched. Those who refused to renounce their faith were martyred-burned alive, beaten to death, or killed with axes, and Christian women were raped. ADF begins to work with its allies in India to effectively employ existing legal mechanisms, both in the US and internationally, to protect and promote religious freedom throughout the region.
  • ADF leadership and its Board of Directors, in response to escalating attacks on religious freedom overseas, and the importation of international law into US courts, launch ADF International.
  • Special consultative status is granted at the United Nations, allowing ADF International lawyers the status to engage the UN process in New York and around the world, as well as advocate for language affirming religious freedom, the sanctity of life, and marriage and family.
  • ADF International is accepted onto the EU Transparency Register.
  • A, B, and C v. Ireland (ECHR): ADF International successfully assists in defending the people of Ireland against a direct challenge to the nation’s constitutional ban on abortion. The case reinforces the precedent that the European Convention on Human Rights cannot be interpreted as conferring a right to abortion and affirms that Ireland’s constitutional ban on abortion is permissible.
  • ADF International establishes its Latin American presence in Mexico City.
  • Lautsi v. Italy (ECHR): ADF International successfully intervenes on behalf of 33 Members of the European Parliament from 12 different European states. The intervention is instrumental in securing a major victory on behalf of Italy and affirming the right of its people to display religious symbols in public places, including classrooms.
  • ADF International opens its first European office in Vienna, Austria.
  • Boissoin v. Lund: ADF International allies successfully defend Canadian pastor Stephen Boissoin after he was reported for 'hate speech' simply for writing an opinion editorial supporting marriage. A Canadian court overturns a decision of the Human Rights Commission against Boissoin and Alberta’s highest court upholds his acquittal.
  • ADF International receives the Scandinavian Human Dignity Award for ‘exceptional contributions to defending human dignity’ from the Scandinavian Human Rights Committee.
  • ADF International and its alliance partners in India record 147 violent attacks on Christians and establish legal assistance centres, defending Christians in 43 cases.
  • ADF International is granted accreditation by the Organization of American States (OAS) in April, enabling it to provide a significant voice on law and policy throughout Latin America. ADF International is the first organization of its kind in the world to hold accredited status with the OAS while having a 'full time' presence at its headquarters in Washington DC.
  • Magyar Keresztény Mennonita Egyház and Others v. Hungary (ECHR): The ECHR invalidates state attempts to favour certain Christian denominations over others, opening new doors for missionaries and church planters to spread the Gospel across Europe.
  • Gross v. Switzerland (ECHR): ADF International wins dismissal of a case that sought to liberalize assisted suicide laws in Switzerland.
  • Dimitrova v. Bulgaria (ECHR): The ECHR invalidates Bulgarian state efforts to close down home churches.
  • Carter v. Canada: The Supreme Court of Canada rejects claims that the Charter of Rights includes a 'right to die,' affirming that physicians cannot be forced to participate in the killing of patients.
  • In March ADF International opens an office in Brussels, Belgium, in order to be a resource at the European Union.
  • In September ADF International launches an office in Geneva, Switzerland, in order to be a greater resource at the United Nations Human Rights Council.
  • Annen v. Germany (ECHR): ADF International and its allies secure freedom of expression throughout Europe.
  • In February ADF International opens an office in Strasbourg, France, in order to effectively engage at the European Court of Human Rights and be a resource at the Council of Europe.
  • ADF International’s direct advocacy efforts at the United Nations, the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom, and France lead to the recognition of ISIS’ atrocities against Christians in the Middle East as genocide
  • In FG v. Sweden, the Grand Chamber finds that Swedish authorities will violate the European Convention on Human Rights if they fail to assess the risk that the applicant might encounter as a result of his conversion to Christianity upon returning to Iran.
  • Goucha v. Portugal (ECHR): The ECHR rules in favour of free speech, even when there exists a risk that humour may offend someone when speaking in the public square.
  • ADF International releases Censored, a work focusing on the threats to free speech.
  • ADF International releases Never Again, a comprehensive analysis of the laws on genocide.