Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein

Prince Nikolaus Ferdinand Maria Josef Raphael of Liechtenstein was born in Zurich as the third son of Franz Joseph II, Prince of Liechtenstein, and his wife, Countess Georgina von Wilczek. He is the non-resident Ambassador of Liechtenstein to the Holy See and the Adviser to the Liechtenstein Government.

Prince Nikolaus was Ambassador of Liechtenstein to Belgium and to the European Union from 1996 until September 2010. He was formerly the Ambassador to Switzerland (1989-1996), Liechtenstein’s Chief Negotiator for the Agreement on the European Economic Area (1990- 1995), the Permanent Representative to International Organisations in Geneva   (1995-1996),  Permanent  Representative  to  the  Council of Europe, Strasbourg (Chairman of the Minister’s Deputies of the Council of Europe in 1987) from 1979 to 1989, and Counsellor at the Office for International Relations of the Liechtenstein Government (1977-1978). He maintained a law practice at the Liechtenstein Courts and state administration in 1975 to 1976. Prior to that, he was a research assistant at the International Red Cross in Geneva, Switzerland.

In 1982, Prince Nikolaus married Princess Margaretha of Luxembourg, the youngest daughter of Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg. They have three children: Princess Maria-Anunciata Astrid Joséphine Veronica of Liechtenstein (12 May 1985), Princess Marie-Astrid Nora Margarita Veronica of Liechtenstein (26 June 1987), and Prince Josef-Emanuel Leopold Marie of Liechtenstein (7 May 1989).

Prince Nikolaus is currently Chairman of the “Fürst Franz Josef II.-Stiftung” (a public benefit organization), President of the International Academy of Philosophy, Liechtenstein, and President of the European Society Coudenhove-Calergi.

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