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#VanishingGirls Campaign

India’s Vanishing Girls

ADF India is collaborating with ADF International to bring an end to one of the greatest injustices in India today – female foeticide.

The problem

Every year in India, baby girls are killed simply for being girls. In recent years, 19 million have died through abortion or by being killed just after birth.

The problem stems from a perception that females are a burden on families and have little or no value. The practice of killing baby girls is now routine, to the extent that for every 1,000 male births there are only 914 female births – 86 of every 1,000 girls are killed.

Existing laws were enacted to stop female foeticide, but enforcement of these laws has been feeble. (Between 2009 and 2014, there were only 206 convictions in a nation of 1.2 billion people.)

To make matters worse, some medical professionals and others are making money from exploiting the traditional preference for boys.

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The solution

With the authorities reluctant to enforce laws that protect baby girls, and a culture in which the majority are indifferent to their plight, ADF India and ADF International are taking action.

If this barbaric practice is to be stopped, there needs to be a change of attitude towards girls as well as meaningful implementation of current laws. That’s why our strategy includes ‘top to bottom’ efforts, embracing legal, cultural, and policy aspects.

  • Alliances and Partnerships: ADF India, an affiliate of ADF International, will build alliances with other organizations – who are also working to stop the killing of baby girls – to draw attention to the scale of the problem.

  • International Advocacy: ADF India will engage with top-level organizations, such as the UN and European Union, to bring India under scrutiny for tolerating female foeticide.

  • Training: ADF India will train lawyers, police, and civil society groups to increase understanding of the law in this area and highlight best practices for how it should be implemented.

  • Litigation: ADF India will set up a dedicated legal team to work with government prosecution teams across India.

Find out more

Would you like to find out more about the campaign or see how you could be involved in saving the baby girls of India? Visit the Vanishing Girls website where you’ll find more information on the current situation and a detailed breakdown of the campaign.

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