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Finnish MP receives messages of support from around the world in free speech case

HELSINKI/VIENNA (25 March 2020) – Päivi Räsänen, the Finnish MP facing police investigations for publicly expressing her beliefs, has received countless messages of support from all over the world. In...

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Major Finnish Free Speech Case: Two additional investigations against Räsänen, MP

HELSINKI (2 March 2020) – Are people holding public office allowed to express their deeply held beliefs?

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Protect Free Speech

In a free society, everyone should have the freedom to share their deeply held beliefs without fear of censorship.

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Franklin Graham: Shutting down free speech is unacceptable in a democracy

Franklin Graham's UK evangelism tour is in jeopardy after four venues recently cancelled his bookings. (Update 05/02/20: All eight venues have cancelled Graham's booking) Laurence Wilkinson says the silencing of...

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Free speech on campus protected: Allegations against midwifery student dismissed and suspension lifted

NOTTINGHAM (18 January 2020) – A midwifery student was forced to suspend her studies after facing a fitness to practise investigation over her involvement with a pro-life society. Julia Rynkiewicz,...

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Google hosts debate on online restrictions to free speech

BRUSSELS (8 February 2019) – Who decides what we can and cannot say on the internet? Earlier this week, Debating Europe and Google hosted a debate about online censorship under...

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Nepal to ban free speech and prosecute religious conversions

President to sign recently adopted Bill on religious freedom; Human rights groups urge international community to intervene, fear reprisals for minorities NEW DELHI / BHUTAN – Next week, Nepal’s President,...

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UK poll: “anti-extremism” proposals threaten free speech

Representative survey shows there is no common understanding of "extremism"; Human rights groups warn of counter-terrorism proposals in the UK LONDON – This week, the Evangelical Alliance, ADF International, and...

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The United Nations and the Tepid Worldwide Support for Free Speech

The United Nations would, one might think, serve as a force for the protection of free speech globally. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), for example, declares that “Everyone...

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