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What is a Generational Win?

Working with and through our global alliance of over 4,600 lawyers, we pursue “generational wins” at the national and international levels. These are precedent-setting victories that will positively impact law and culture for years to come.

Generational Win 1:
Religious Freedom Prevails
  • We protect the right to freedom of conscience in work and business

  • We uphold the right of churches and Christian ministries to maintain their Christian ethos and gather freely

  • We counter the global persecution of Christians
Generational Win 2:
All Can Speak Freely
  • We fight government-enforced speech restrictions such as blasphemy laws and “hate speech” laws

  • We seek to reform international law to better protect freedom of speech

  • We challenge viewpoint discrimination, ensuring Christian voices are not silenced.
Generational Win 3:
Parental Rights are Guaranteed
  • We defend the legal right to home education

  • We secure the provision of opt-outs from objectionable curricula in public schools

  • We ensure the primacy of parental authority in decisions affecting children
Generational Win 4:
Life is Safeguarded
  • We seek to uphold the inherent right to life under international law and prevent a corresponding faux ‘right to die’

  • We create incremental legal protections for life within national legal frameworks

  • We defend the inviolability of the human embryo
Generational Win 5:
Marriage and Family are Protected
  • We affirm the biological reality of male and female.

  • We defend marriage as the union of one man and one woman for life

  • We challenge the practice of surrogacy and other reproductive technologies that destroy life and undermine the family

Make a Generational Impact with us

These generational wins drive the work and mission of Alliance Defending Freedom International. And we will continue to advocate for these basic tenets of liberty in courtrooms across the world and the culture, securing freedom for generations to come.