ADF International

Andreas Thonhauser

Director of External Relations

Andreas Thonhauser serves as director of external relations for ADF International, where he is responsible for building the organization’s media presence,forming alliances with key influencers and supporters. He acts as communications liaison with ADF International’s distinguished team of allied attorneys and organizational partners, managing all aspects of public relations and development

Thonhauser has spoken at institutions like the UN, the EU Parliament, and international conferences and  provided comment on topics like the persecution of religious minorities, parental rights, and freedom of education for international media outlets, including both popular news publications as well as scholarly journals. He regularly provides trainings in communication strategy, leadership, reputation and social media management.

Thonhauser earned an MBA from the WU Executive Academy and a Master’s degree in German Philology/Anglistics and Americanistics from the University of Vienna. Prior to joining ADF International in 2015, Thonhauser worked for a European publishing house where he focused on strategy and business development.


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