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We believe that all people have inherent dignity, no matter their age or health condition. A fair and just society cares for its most vulnerable.

Once we open the door to intentional killing, there is no logical stopping point. This is not just a hypothesis. In countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands, euthanasia cases have increased a hundredfold since legalization. The law allows euthanasia for patients with non-terminal conditions and for those who suffer with depression and other psychiatric illnesses. Children, with no lower age limit, can be euthanized in Belgium.

And it is not just about Belgium and the Netherlands. A number of other countries have already legalized these practices and many more are debating them.

Affirm Dignity | End Euthanasia Charter

The right to life is a fundamental and inherent human right, recognized by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and guaranteed by all human rights treaties. People at all stages of life and in all regions of the world are increasingly vulnerable to assaults on this foundational right. Without respect for human life, there can be no respect for human dignity. The most vulnerable deserve our compassionate love and support. There is nothing progressive about a society that refuses to care for them.

Therefore, we:

affirm that the right to life cannot include a right to die;

deplore the promotion of practices like euthanasia or assisted suicide;

consider every suicide a tragedy, and we recall the international obligation on States to take measures to prevent suicide;

denounce the slippery slope of legalized euthanasia which results in pressure on the vulnerable to die;

condemn the application of euthanasia to children, vulnerable adults, and those who have not given their consent;

believe society owes those suffering better options than euthanasia, such as palliative care;

affirm that palliative care is prevention and relief of suffering, which does not hasten nor postpone death (as defined by the World Health Organization);

call for the prohibition of euthanasia and assisted suicide and further investment in compassionate alternatives which Affirm Dignity.

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The Legalization of Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide

International law robustly protects the right to life—particularly for the most vulnerable. The threat posed by a number of legislative proposals is highlighted through the example of those countries which have already legalized euthanasia or assisted suicide. This paper investigates the developments in Belgium, Canada, and the Netherlands and shows that in countries which have already gone down this road, the number of people euthanized, and the number of qualifying conditions increase with no logical stopping point. 


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