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(44th Session)

ADF International is a faith-based legal advocacy organization that protects fundamental freedoms and promotes the inherent dignity of all people.

This report addresses the state of freedom of religion, of expression, and of association, as well as the situation of religious minorities in Bangladesh. In particular, it draws attention with considerable concern to laws criminalizing expression deemed to be outraging or wounding of religious feelings. It also makes note of the rising social hostility faced by Christians and other people belonging to religious minorities.

Should religious freedom be protected in times of crisis?

“I support freedom of religious belief as a basic human right that deserves the highest level of protection.

I stand up against worship bans which are illiberal and non-democratic. Blanket bans on public worship are incompatible with the international human right to the communal exercise of religious freedom. Fundamental freedoms apply to all, and they must be protected rather than weakened in times of crisis.”