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Vanishing Girls

Every baby girl deserves the chance to be born. But in India and other parts of the world, girls are targeted for sex-based discrimination at the most vulnerable stages of their lives – in the womb. The #VanishingGirls campaign seeks to end discrimination against our littlest of women by raising awareness of the issue, by providing legal training to a network of attorneys, and informing women of their rights in order to help them stand better protected when under pressure from a culture of son preference. Find out more.

Päivi Räsänen

A former Minister of the Interior and Member of the Finnish Parliament is currently facing four police investigations. Her alleged crime: She publicly voiced her deeply held beliefs. Päivi Räsänen was addressing her own Church leadership on Twitter when her legal troubles began. She questioned their decision to support the LGBTQ+ event ‘Pride 2019’, accompanied by an image of Bible text. Multiple lengthy police interviews followed.

Freedom of speech is the foundation of every free and democratic society. Ideas should be countered with other ideas, not criminal penalties. We’re supporting the defense of Päivi Räsänen, and you can too, by adding your signature. Find out more.

Shamim Bibi

Shamim Bibi was described as a ‘religious and faithful woman’ by those who knew her. That’s why, when put under pressure in 2012 to convert from her Christian faith in her home of Pakistan, Shamim boldly refused – an act which led to false charges of blasphemy filed against her. Under the Pakistani Penal Code, an accuser does not need evidence to show that they heard someone utter blasphemy – their word is enough. Our allied lawyer fought tirelessly for Shamim’s rights, and after eight months in prison, she was finally freed to enjoy her final years with her family before her passing in 2020. Sadly, however, her case is not isolated, and many more face prosecution under these laws. Find out more.

Vitaliy Bak

It was a typical Sunday for Baptist friends and families gathering at Vitaliy Bak’s home in Verkhnebakansky, Russia, when a knock at the door led to authorities stopping the service, and ultimately sealing off the building to stop the group from meeting at this residence. Russian law prohibits small religious groups from purchasing, or building and registering, a designated church building. When the authorities relied on zoning laws to ban them from gathering in a private home, Vitaliy's group was left with nowhere to freely exercise their fundamental freedom of religion.

ADF International has taken Vitaliy Bak’s case to the European Court of Human Rights, in the hope that it will set a precedent for protecting other religious minority groups across Russia and the rest of Europe. Find out more.

Andreas Kersten

In Berlin, pharmacist Andreas Kersten is facing legal proceedings at the hands of the Berlin Chamber of Pharmacists after choosing to act in line with his conscience. He neither stocked nor sold the ‘morning-after-pill’ because this drug can prevent the implantation of an embryo in the uterus and cause the death of a developing child. Andreas is convinced that as as a pharmacist, he cannot take part in taking a human life. At first instance, the Court recognized that by doing so, he did not violate the law and should not be forced to act against his personal convictions. Now, the Chamber of Pharmacists has appealed the decision. We’re supporting Andreas’s case because nobody should have to choose between their conscience and their profession. Find out more.


Julia Rynkiewicz

A midwife’s driving purpose is to help mums deliver healthy newborn babies into the world. At least that’s what Julia Rynkiewicz believed when she signed up for her midwifery training at Nottingham University. However, the bright and diligent student was subjected to a four-month long suspension and investigation into her fitness to practice after concerns were raised about her involvement with the ‘Nottingham Students for Life’ society. Though the investigation was ultimately dismissed, it had a detrimental effect on Julia’s wellbeing, while also causing her to miss assessments and fear that her graduation would be delayed. We’re supporting Julia because everyone in a democratic society should have the right to speak freely without fear of punishment. University campuses, no less, should be bastions of free and fair debate, and not subject to censorship. Find out more.

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