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Canadian Supreme Court Approves Discrimination Against Those Who Attended Christian College

This September, I am sending my son from the Arizona desert to the rolling green hills and snowcapped mountains of the Pacific Northwest in Langley, British Columbia, to attend Trinity Western University.

It’s the same university that was just informed by the Supreme Court of Canada that the government may deny a license to its law school graduates because the school holds Christian values.

My son was drawn to Trinity Western because of its reputation for academic excellence, a degree program focused on his field of study, and his desire to be part of an authentic community. But he also wanted to attend a school that was Christian in more than name only, as is the case with so many top private universities in the United States. He wanted to study and grow with people who take their faith seriously and won’t wilt when criticized.

My son is not alone. Even the justices on Canada’s highest court recognize that “members of the [Trinity Western] community sincerely believe that studying in an environment defined by religious beliefs in which members follow particular religious rules of conduct contributes to their spiritual development.”


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