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Christian Equality Under Attack by UN Chief

Speaking via video link to the Oslo Conference on Human Rights on April 15, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced that he is launching an international campaign to elevate the demands of sexually confused individuals over the rights of other individuals.

He believes that the unanswered demands of individuals who suffer from gender confusion represent one of the “neglected human rights challenges of our time” and that upholding them is more important than “culture, tradition, or religion” – all of which he anticipates will be used as reasons to “oppose change.”

Ban maintains that if others join with him, this world will be “safer, freer and more equal for everyone.”

But recent history tells us that when groups are singled out as the latest, newest, and most in vogue for special exceptions – in this case, groups of sexually-confused individuals – then the rights of traditionalists and those whose consciences are governed by Scripture are almost always in jeopardy.

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