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An Ideological Agenda for Developing Countries-A Review of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women 2018 in Newsweek

What do rural women and girls need in order to rise above poverty?

Elyssa Koren* addresses this question in her opinion piece for the Daily Signal, which was also published by Newsweek.

In her analysis, she exposes the ideological agenda at the United Nations to pressure developing countries into providing abortions, “comprehensive sexuality education,” and reduced parental rights.

The real issues like poverty or education were not at the front and centre of the debate. Koren brought India as an example, where sex-selective abortion is a crucial issue that impacts millions of women and girls, predominantly in rural areas.

According to the Vanishing Girls campaign, every month 50,000 girls are killed before they are born, often for the simple fact that they are not boys. Mothers face significant pressure to have abortions. Child marriages are rampant. Women are bought and sold. Domestic violence is rife. “These are real issues that merit the attention of the international community—far more so than the tone-deaf ideologies of the West,” writes Koren.

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* Elyssa Koren serves as Director of UN Advocacy for ADF International and is based in New York

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