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In a World Of Hurt, ADF International Is Working to Protect Life

One of the saddest realizations that can come to anyone studying the news – locally, nationally, globally – is how endlessly, indefatigably, so many forces are working to negate and erode the value of human life. Theirs is an assault not only on every soul created, but on the God in Whose image those souls are made. Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys and their allies are faithfully working to thwart those assaults on behalf of you and your family – not only in the U.S., but in other sites around the world where fellow Christians have requested our assistance.

Among the challenges: a growing legal indulgence of doctor-prescribed death. In Canada last month, the national Supreme Court struck down absolute prohibitions on physician-assisted suicides, allowing Parliament to legislate a “stringently limited, carefully monitored system of exceptions.” While the court also affirmed that doctors cannot be forced to participate in killing anyone (since patients do not have a “right to death”), the leeway allowed by the court opens the door for further abuses, and may encourage future legal battles.

“Suffering patients need sound medical treatment and real compassion, not encouragement to take their own lives,” says ADF Senior Counsel Brett Harvey. “Parliament, which has widely supported Canada’s existing laws, should ensure that Canadians are protected – especially the most vulnerable, such as those who are disabled, ill, elderly, or depressed. They are the ones who stand to suffer the most if a weak system is enacted.”

It’s the sanctity of life at the other end of a lifetime that prompted ADF attorneys and their allies to challenge the so-called “three-parent embryo” legislation passed by the United Kingdom’s House of Commons last month. The proposed law is in probable violation of a European Union directive, which, as an EU member, the UK is obliged to honor, as noted in a legal memo ADF submitted to the European Parliament at the request of several Parliament members.

The UK regulations would permit a government agency to grant licenses allowing a special type of DNA transfer during the creation of human embryos – one that enables the embryo to contain DNA from three parents. In theory, this kind of transfer would enable women with mitochondrial problems to give birth to genetically related children without passing on disease, but many find the procedure insufficiently studied, unethical, and ripe for abuse – and litigation.

“If enacted, this legislation is clearly open to legal action at the Court of Justice of the European Union,” says ADF Senior Counsel Roger Kiska. “The House of Commons could avoid this by dropping the legislation before it reaches the House of Lords.”

“The UK’s proposals violate fundamental standards of human dignity and integrity of the person,” says Dr. Miroslav Mikolášik, a member of the European Parliament. “They are out of line with the rest of the European Union and civilized world. Couples can be helped without tampering with the building blocks of humanity.”

Life issues like these are being debated all over the world today– and decisions being made on them, all over the world, have such profound implications for U.S. law and national sovereignty. And, because of that, implications for the world our children and grandchildren will live in. Please be in prayer for our attorneys, as they work to make that world a more life-affirming place for all of us.

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