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India Law Bans the Golden Rule

On August 30, an Indian state High Court struck down a law requiring people who want to convert to Christianity to give a civil magistrate 30 days advance notice. Just how one provides advance notice of a future intent to convert is anyone’s guess, and was doubtlessly one of the reasons the Indian court struck this crazy law down.

The law was one of two anti-conversion laws challenged in the state of Himachal Pradesh that drastically restricted the religious freedom of Christians and those of other religions considering converting to Christianity.

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys and allies represented Evangelical Fellowship of India in the lawsuit that led to the law’s invalidation. Having won the battle over this law, we knew the second law provided additional barriers to religious freedom and that the High Court had refused to strike it down. This second law essentially bans any successful evangelism under the pretense of protecting the weak-minded and the weak-willed.

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