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Loopholes for Christians or a bit of common sense?

A brief glance to Britain’s past, and one can see that it was only after centuries of bloody battles and religious intolerance that freedom of religion was finally secured. However, just a few short years into the new era of “equality,” and that freedom is being eroded at an alarming rate.

In the past decade, Britain, and indeed much of Europe, has been on a seemingly never-ending journey toward “equality.” “Equality is not negotiable. It is an absolute,” the supporters have declared, as more and more areas of life have been subjected to the ever-increasing grasp of “equality” legislation. Beginning with a small clause in the Amsterdam Treaty of 1997, the drive towards non-discrimination has grown exponentially in recent years, with many wondering where it will all end. First employment, then the provision of goods and services, and recently a public-sector requirement to actively promote “equality” and prevent “discrimination.”

And who have been the people discriminated against and marginalized in this quest for “equality”? The answer has undoubtedly been Christians.

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