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Our Wish is not a War

North Korea is the most hostile country to religious groups and especially Christians in the world today. John Chey (name changed for security reasons) experienced this hostility during his double attempt to escape. His accounts of severe torture and systematic killings of people with faith shed a distressing light on the dictatorship of Kim Jung-Eun.

While John hopes that the tyrant’s system of terror will soon collapse, he also analyses the threat this process poses to the rest of the world. For many Christians and members of other religious minorities living in North Korea, the disintegration of socialist power may be the last straw of hope for survival. But the more desperate Kim Jung-Eun becomes, the more likely he will be willing to make a desperate move, and a nuclear catastrophe looms around the corner. John makes a strong argument for remaining calm and considerate and even a stronger one for peace in the region.

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