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Redefining Marriage Changes More Than You Think

Arguments offered in support of the British Government’s push to redefine marriage illustrate the illogical foundation on which the endeavor rests. In fact, the government’s own arguments show the true danger that marriage will face if those trying to redefine it are successful.

For instance, Labour MP Kate Green says:

By recognizing and extending the definition of marriage to reflect today’s greater openness towards, and recognition of, same-sex relationships, the legislation does not weaken the institution of marriage. On the contrary, it takes it forward, it strengthens it. It helps to perpetuate it.

First off, Green’s comments admit a redefinition of marriage or, at the least, augmenting the current definition by “extending” it. By deductive thinking alone, one can see that this one admission means marriage, once redefined, will no longer be what it has been for centuries.

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