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The European “Right” to a Healthy Child

One of the great science fiction movies of modern times is Gattaca. More than being brilliantly shot, well-acted and supported by a moving soundtrack, the themes it explores are chillingly relevant for the times in which we live.

Set in “the not too distant future,” the movie portrays a world where child birth is not left to chance. Embryos are screened for any sort of genetic defect and only the best are selected for implantation and birth. The new generation of genetically superior human beings leads society to great technological advances and “progress,” but those humans born through the natural method—“God-children,” as they are called—are systematically discriminated against and are destined to fight through life as “invalids.”

While Gattaca focuses on the struggles faced by those born into the new world, one question that is deliberately avoided is what happens to the countless embryos which, for one reason or another, do not make the cut. The answer, of course, is that they are destroyed.

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