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UN Uses LGBT Rights as ‘Bargaining Chip’ to Pressure Nations Into Abortion

United Nations Headquarters in New York City hosted the 47th session of the annual Commission on Population and Development (CPD) from April 7 to 11. The Commission resulted in heated negotiations on issues related to the abortion and homosexual agendas. In anticipation of the Commission, the chief of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin, outlined the UN agency’s primary objective. “We are trying to get sexual and reproductive health and rights,” he noted.

Osotimehin stated that “LGBT” is “still creating the fireworks it created 20 years ago.”As with the majority of UN sessions on human rights and development, the Commission was fraught with tension over language stemming from the abortion and homosexual agendas. Dr. Ostotimehin is correct to highlight “LGBT” as a major source of controversy in the negotiation room for the session’s outcome document; however, the real fight was about abortion. The negotiations revealed the use of a carefully crafted strategy designed to pressure Member States to accept abortion language as a consequence of their efforts to block any references to homosexual behavior.

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