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Why Christians are dismayed by Modi’s landslide victory

He looked out over the small garden in front of his church, somewhere in the sprawling city of New Delhi. One could hear the noise of the bustling streets outside the walls of the church’s premises. He stared long at one of the flowers in front of him. “India is a beautiful country,” he said. “It is like a garden with many different flowers in it. We need to tend this garden and be careful that we don’t let it be destroyed by those who only favour one flower and disregard the others.”

Those were the words of a Catholic bishop in India a year ago, when asked about the religious tensions in his country. The flowers, which to him represent the different religious communities, have not withered and died since then. But the smaller ones have come under immense pressure. This is also true of Christianity in India. Especially since the results of the national elections were announced.


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