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European Leadership Academy

Equipping and Engaging Europe’s Next Generation of Leaders

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Integrating professional development and leadership training, the European Leadership Academy is equipping the next generation of leaders with a professional skillset and the right perspective. We are looking for principled individuals that are willing to learn and grow to ultimately impact the future of Europe and the world. Will you join us?

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The Programme


The European Leadership Academy is a five-day intensive training programme for university students and young professionals. The unique combination of training in substantive legal and political instruction, professional development, strategic cultural engagement, and spiritual formation is designed to equip participants to maximize their impact in their chosen fields.
Participants will gather for a unique cultural experience in Vienna, Austria, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. They will form a network of friends across the continent and beyond to support one another in their endeavours to engage in their communities. Seminars will address philosophical, political, and ethical questions providing a strong theoretical basis. Expert panels will show participants practical ways to engage in current cultural debates on the dignity of life, family, and religious freedom.

The Academy faculty features Christian thought leaders, distinguished academics, and trainers from across the world, providing perspective and decades of experience in national, regional, and global concerns.

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This training is holistic, focusing equally on the spiritual, intellectual, and relational development of each Delegate:

Spiritual Growth — Through daily worship, reflection, and scriptural instruction, Delegates will learn how to fulfill their God-given vocational callings with virtue and character, and explore what it means to be a faithful and effective leader.

Intellectual Development — The curriculum will focus on the foundations of law and justice, natural law, and biblical worldview, and explore how these foundational principles apply to current legal and cultural issues. Delegates have the opportunity to study under some of the most renowned Christian scholars and experts in their fields. They will leave the Academy with tools to maximize their credentials and position themselves effectively to pursue God’s calling in their lives.

Relational Connection — Relationships are forged in living, learning, praying, and participating in small group discussions and workshop settings together. Delegates join a thoughtful community formed between highly driven peers and faculty, an established global community that grows and provides support throughout future academic, professional, social, and political pursuits.

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Become a Delegate


Admission to the European Leadership Academy is highly competitive. ADF International seeks to recruit students and young professionals with the capacity, character, and commitment to profoundly impact their communities. Applicants should demonstrate mature Christian faith, integrity, academic or professional achievement, extra-curricular achievements and leadership experience and potential.

For all participants who are invited into the programme, the cost of hotel, educational materials, and most meals are covered. Additionally, a bursary of up to €250 will be provided to each participant for qualifying travel expenses. For questions, contact us at

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Details at a Glance

  • 13-18 April 2019
    in Vienna, Austria

  • 40-50 participants
    from Europe

  • 31 October 2018
    Application Deadline

  • 14 December 2018
    Decision Date


  • ‘I participated in Areté Academy Europe in 2016, which was an amazing experience.  The ecumenism of professionals from across different Christian communities, working together on the defence of basic universal social values, left an especially strong impact on me.’
    – Marija J. (Croatia)

  •  ‘At the Areté Academy, my eyes were opened to the scholarly depths of legal and Biblical philosophy that underpin our causes.’
    – Lois M. (Scotland)

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