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Avery v. Preston et al.

Date of most recent action: 27 Jul 2016

Tasmanian citizens challenge buffer zone law used to silence pro-life advocacy.

What’s at Stake

Freedom of speech


The Reproductive Health Act in the State of Tasmania, Australia, prevents pro-life advocacy within a 150-metre radius of an abortion clinic. After a protest in April 2015, several pro-life advocates were charged with violating the act, and one has since been convicted and fined $3,000.

Through an allied lawyer of ADF International, one of the pro-life advocates, Graham Preston, is appealing his conviction and challenging the buffer zone law, arguing that it is a violation of the Tasmanian Constitution’s protection of the freedom of conscience and freedom of religion.

On the day of the protest, Preston was holding a sign that said ‘Everyone has a right to life–Article Three Universal Declaration of Rights.’ Graham has stated that he ‘find[s] it an incredible thing that a person can be arrested in Australia for promoting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.’

The buffer zone legislation is the first of its kind in Australia, and a decision in favour of the pro-life advocates could have a national impact in support of free speech.

Our Role in the Case

ADF International provided funding to our allied lawyer representing the challengers.

You Can Make an Impact

We are committed to cultivating a future in which truth and justice are upheld, and where religious freedom is robustly protected and culturally embraced. Will you join us?

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