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Proposed Anti-Conversion Legislation in Nepal

Date of most recent action: 08 Apr 2016


In April 2016, ADF International requested an official statement from the Nepalese government concerning proposed anti-conversion legislation, restricting the right to profess and practice one’s religion. The drafted law is particularly rigorous making it a punishable crime to even express religious beliefs. This legislation would stand in stark contrast to the Nepalese constitution, which grants the fundamental right to freedom of religion to Nepalese people.

In its letter, ADF International argues that there is abundant evidence that restriction of religious freedom aimed at religious minorities also correlates with more violence and hatred against members of such a specific group. Thus, ADF International urges the Nepalese government to adhere to its current policy of granting freedom to all and to withdraw the problematic draft legislation.

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Letter to Nepal Government – 08 Apr 2016

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