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(37th Session)

ADF International is a faith-based legal advocacy organization that protects fundamental freedoms and promotes the inherent dignity of all people before national and international institutions. As well as having ECOSOC consultative status with the United Nations (registered name “Alliance Defending Freedom”), ADF International has accreditation with the Organization of American States, the European Commission and Parliament, and is a participant in the FRA Fundamental Rights Platform.

This submission reviews the current state of freedom of religion or belief in Nepal,
where religious minorities are restricted from, inter alia, freely manifesting their faith and possessing religious texts and materials. Accordingly, it makes recommendations
regarding the need to align relevant laws with international human rights standards.

Secondly, this report highlights the negative impact of Nepal’s culture of “son preference” and the resulting sex ratio imbalance and makes recommendations on further protecting women’s equal enjoyment of their right to life and freedom from exploitation.