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ADF International launches book on Human Rights Court

“The ‘Conscience of Europe?’” launched in Strasbourg on 14 June; Experts on the ECHR’s role in safeguarding the rights to religious freedom, life, and family

STRASBOURG – On 14 June, ADF International launched “The ‘Conscience of Europe?’ – Navigating Shifting Tides at the European Court of Human Rights” in Strasbourg. The book focuses on the European Court of Human Rights’ role in protecting fundamental rights like religious freedom, life, and the family. With contributions from ADF International lawyers across Europe, the book analyzes the complex jurisprudence of Europe’s most powerful court. 800 million Europeans are subject to its rulings.

Can the European Court of Human Rights protect fundamental freedoms for the citizens of the 47 states under its jurisdiction?

“The book seeks to answer an important question: Can the European Court of Human Rights protect fundamental freedoms for the citizens of the 47 states under its jurisdiction? We analyze a number of topical areas that have been at the core of ADF International’s work, and examine the Court’s jurisprudence on these issues. We see the book as a guide for interested parties in understanding the position of the Court on some of the most important issues of our time,” said Robert Clarke, Director of European Advocacy for ADF International and editor of the book.

Shifting Tides

The European Court of Human Rights has the monumental task of protecting the most fundamental freedoms of citizens across 47 States. The challenge is significant, given that the Court is asked to reconcile substantial disagreements between these States on increasingly controversial issues of public importance such as freedom of speech, marriage and family law, surrogacy and parental rights.

The ‘Conscience of Europe?’ examines the Court’s sometimes unpredictable jurisprudence in these areas. With a palpable concern for human rights and religious freedom, the contributors provide an objective critique of the Court and its judgments. They also describe and comment on the changes recent years have brought to the complex legal landscape of Europe.

“The book is intended to be a valuable resource to those seeking to deploy ECHR jurisprudence at a national level, as well as those seeking recourse to the Court in Strasbourg,” added Clarke.

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