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Ahead of elections: British public support measures to reduce number of abortions

Recent ComRes poll* shows UK public in favour of reducing current abortion time-limits; Reforms needed on independent counselling, waiting periods, overseas funding

LONDON – On 21 May, a leading British newspaper published the results of a recent ComRes poll* on the UK public’s views on abortion. One of the most significant findings showed that 60 percent of the population want to see the time limit for abortions reduced from the current upper limit of 24 weeks, with one in three favouring a time limit of 12 weeks or lower. The poll was commissioned by and represents one of the most extensive surveys done on the issue in the last decade.

Every pregnant woman deserves to be supported and feel loved throughout her pregnancy.

“Every pregnant woman deserves to be supported and feel loved throughout her pregnancy. The recent poll clearly shows that the public want women up and down the country to be supported throughout a pregnancy. It demonstrates that the public – and women in particular – reject the recently introduced extreme bill driven by the big money abortion providers”, said Ryan Day, Senior Policy Officer for ADF International, based in London.

“It is clear that the British public oppose any drive to further liberalise the law, and rather want to see women and children protected through a combination of better practical help for women and a reduced time limit. As a society we should create an environment in which all parents feel able to welcome their children into the world.”

Wide ranging poll shows clear public support for new measures

The poll also showed that the vast majority support the legal provision of independent counselling for women. Currently, most organizations that offer counselling are also paid to perform abortions. 93 percent of women wanted to see that changed in law. Furthermore, 79 percent opted in favour of a five-day waiting period before an abortion could be performed and 65 percent opposed UK taxpayer money being spent on overseas abortions.

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*According to, ComRes interviewed 2,008 British adults online between 12th and 14th May 2017.

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