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AVISO: UN side event on the exploitation of children and women through surrogacy


  • Leading experts to discuss the implications of surrogacy on the human dignity of those involved
  • Surrogacy poses serious threats to fundamental rights of women and children

GENEVA (26 February 2019) – What are the implications of surrogacy on the fundamental rights and dignity of children and women? On 6 March La Manif Pour Tous and ADF International will be hosting a side event at the 40th Regular Session of the UN Human Rights Council. The event will focus on the controversies of surrogacy and the threats the practice poses to the human dignity of the individuals involved.

“Surrogacy exploits women and treats children as commodities. It poses a serious threat to human dignity and the fundamental rights of all of the individuals involved. The child can become an object for sale and left in legal limbo. Surrogate mothers are also often in a socially vulnerable position, exploited by the multitude of actors involved, and similarly left in a legally uncertain situation. Surrogacy is a genuine threat to society as it undermines the family and commercializes the most vulnerable,” said Paul Coleman, Executive Director of ADF International.

Event AVISO: “Maternal Surrogacy and the Human Dignity of Woman and Children”

What:    Panel discussion
When:   6 March, 12:30-14:00
Where: Palais des Nations, Geneva
Who:     Ludovine de la Rochere, La Manif Pour Tous
Jennifer Lahl, Center for Bioethics and Culture Network
Lois McLatchie, ADF International
Sheela Saravanan, Georg-August-University Göttingen

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