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Christian persecution ‘at near genocide levels’


  • The persecution of Christians in parts of the world is at near “genocide” levels
  • Persecuted Christians are some of the poorest people on the planet

London (3 May 2019) – On 3 May, Ryan Christopher of ADF International will appear on BBC NEWS to comment on a report ordered by UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

The review, led by the Bishop of Truro the Right Reverend Philip Mounstephen, estimated that one in three people suffer from religious persecution. Christians were the most persecuted religious group, it found.  The persecution of Christians was in some regions “near genocide levels.”

“Given the scale of persecution of Christians today, indications that it is getting worse and that its impact involves the decimation of some of the faith group’s oldest and most enduring communities, the need for governments to give increasing priority and specific targeted support to this faith community is not only necessary but increasingly urgent,” stated the review.

Earlier this week, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom published their annual report. Kelsey Zorzi, Director of Advocacy for Global Religious Freedom said, “With violence against believers on the rise around the world, it is vital that nations strongly promote religious freedom and highlight those countries where it is most imperiled. The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom’s Annual Report continues to draw attention to the worst abusers against people of faith and even no faith, and stands as one of the key resources for advocates and governments. The international community cannot be silent where individuals are given death sentences for simply stating their beliefs, imprisoned in camps or killed because they belong to a disfavored religious group or subject to persecution or discrimination in any other form based on their religion or beliefs. This report and many others are a call to action.”

Paul Coleman, Executive Director of ADF International said, “We increasingly see Christians and other religious minorities face persecution and denial of their fundamental rights. All people have the right to freely choose and live out their faith. We urge all governments to uphold this right and do more to protect religious minorities and promote religious freedom.”

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