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EVENT AVISO: Big tech’s morality police – censorship or protection?


  • Paul Coleman to discuss big tech censorship and free speech
  • “Hate speech” laws threatening free speech

VIENNA (16 September 2020) – Who controls what we say online? On Thursday 17 September 2020, Paul Coleman, Executive Director of ADF International and international expert on free speech will take part in an online panel discussion as part of this year’s Brain Bar festival. The event will focus on big tech’s role in monitoring speech online and how this impacts free speech. Coleman will debate with Harmeet Dhillon, US lawyer and free speech advocate. 

Freedom of speech is a fundamental right which is central to a democratic society. It should be protected and fostered in the public sphere, both in person and online. The unclear and broad definition of so-called ‘hate speech’ makes it impossible to achieve consensus amongst legislators, private individuals, and big tech firms on what should or should not be allowed to be said or written. ‘Hate speech’ laws open the door to censorship and violations of freedom of thought and expression as minority opinions are shut out from the public square simply because they may ‘offend’ someone,” said Coleman, who has written widely on the subject and is the author of the book, Censored. 

The talk will be live-streamed on Brain Bar’s Facebook page. Brain Bar is an annual future festival creating a platform to exchange ideas on technology, business, politics, and lifestyle. In 2019, Brain Bar Budapest attracted more than 15,000 attendees and a livestream audience of more than 50,000.  

Panel Discussion: Big Tech’s Morality Police: Censorship or Protection?
When:  14:50 CEST, Thursday 17 September 2020
Where: Brain Bar Facebook live stream
Who:  Harmeet Dhillon, US lawyer
Paul Coleman, Executive Director, ADF International 

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