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Geneva Consensus Declaration reaffirms inherent ‘dignity and worth of the human person’

The following quote may be attributed to Elyssa Koren, Director of UN Advocacy for ADF International, regarding the signing of the Geneva Consensus Declaration, a joint declaration by 33 countries affirming their commitment to protecting pregnant mothers and their unborn children and unequivocally declaring that there is no human right to abortion:

“33 countries have confirmed their commitment to protecting human rights for the most vulnerable members of society. The Geneva Consensus Declaration, signed by world leaders, makes clear that there is ‘no international right to abortion, nor any international obligation’ on the part of nations around the world to finance or facilitate abortion. The declaration affirms what we already know from international law—that while there is no human right to an abortion, there is a right to life, and it must be protected. We applaud the governments involved for taking steps to better support all pregnant women and invest resources in supporting both lives in a pregnancy—that of the mother and her unborn child.”

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