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Honduras votes in favour of life despite outside pressure

Huge Parliamentarian majority opposed push to legalize abortion; Honduras defends its national sovereignty in face of UN-backed lobbying

TEGUCIGALPA/WASHINGTON DC – In the beginning of May the Congress of Honduras voted against legalizing abortion. Despite persistent pressure from international lobbying groups and UN-backed organizations, the legislators chose to vote in favour of the right to life. During the debates, ADF International was asked by local allies to provide a legal memorandum outlining international human rights laws supporting current legislation in Honduras.

Human life deserves protection at all stages.

“Human life deserves protection at all stages. There is no such thing as a right to abortion. Every child has a right to life and it is our duty to safeguard this fundamental right. We are glad that no legal precedent was set that would allow abortion on demand in Honduras”, said Neydy Casillas, Legal Counsel for ADF International and expert on international human rights law.

Competence of national legislatures

Activists tried to bring anti-life legislation into the new criminal code of the country. Article 196 sought to open the door to abortion under certain circumstances, but as abortion activists have repeatedly made clear, their ultimate goal is abortion on demand. . Parliament struck down this article with 77 votes against and five in favour. Eight Parliamentarians abstained.

“An overwhelming majority of Parliamentarians across party lines voted in favor of life. They have affirmed the country’s admirable pro-life mindset and have proved that there is no need to give in to the pressure of rich, international lobby-groups that try to impose their anti-life agenda on American countries,” added Casillas.
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