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March for Life: Up to one million expected in Argentina


  • March for Life on 23 March shows clear signs of support for pro-life legislation passed last year
  • Right to life important topic in upcoming elections

BUENOS AIRES (21 March 2019) – On 23 March, the March for Life will be taking place across 58 cities in Argentina. One million people are expected to attend across the country. This comes after the Argentine Senate upheld protections for the unborn in August 2018. It occurs two days before the International Day of the Unborn Child on 25 March. In 1999, Argentina was one of the first countries to celebrate this international day.

“International law protects the right to life of every person – including the unborn. The people of Argentina are clearly stating that they want to live in a country where both lives matter – the life of the mother and the life of the unborn child. Every human life is valuable. As a society, we should support all pregnant women, especially those in difficult circumstances. This prominent pro-life march calls for the protection of the right to life from conception until natural death,” said Paul Coleman, Executive Director of ADF International.

Protecting both children and mothers

With upcoming elections both at local and presidential level in Argentina, citizens expressed their desires to election candidates. The organizers of the march also urge the government to provide better support for women experiencing crisis pregnancies in order to protect the dignity of both the mother and the child.

Right to life upheld in Senate

In August 2018, the Argentine Senate defeated a bill which would have introduced a ‘right to abortion’ and denied medical professionals the right to conscientiously object to participating in abortions. ADF International and other human rights experts were invited to comment on the proposed legislation while it was being debated. Neydy Casillas, Senior Counsel for ADF International, drew attention to Argentina’s obligations under international law to protect life and to ensure that medical professionals have the right to conscientious objection.

“Last August, Argentina embraced life despite huge international pressure to give up existing legislation protecting life and conscience rights. Argentina’s Senators voted down the ‘right to abortion,’ which would have been in violation of the international commitments the country has agreed to and that form part of its constitution. Now, at the upcoming March for Life, hundreds of thousands will show their support for this,” said Neydy Casillas.

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