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Renewed US Leadership Blocks Abortion Agenda at the UN

– The U.N. Population Fund depends on outcome documents to legitimize its plan of action to impose abortion access on every country in the world.

– The growing trend of countries saying “No” to infringements on their sovereignty—even at the cost of millions in U.N. aid money—is in large part owing to renewed American leadership at the U.N.

United Nations (19.4.2018) – For the third time in the past four years, the United Nations Commission on Population and Development has ended in failure—good news for defenders of national sovereignty in the face of hegemonic U.N. pressures.

Negotiations concluded last Friday without producing an outcome document, which is the whole purpose of the two-week process. The outcome document would set forth political recommendations for governments to follow with regard to population and development issues.

The lack of a document means the last two weeks were a massively expensive waste of time. This, compounded upon previous failures, could lead to a collapse of the entire process, which dates back to 1946.



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