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Geneva, Switzerland April 15, 2019: The United Nations Sign On

Stop the Myanmar genocide – human rights groups stand up for religious minorities at UN Human Rights Council after military coup


  • Ongoing crimes against humanity against Muslims, Christians, and other groups must be stopped  
  • ADF International calls for collective action from international community after military takes power 

GENEVA (12 February 2021) –International human rights groups called for immediate action to stop the ongoing severe human rights violations in Myanmar this Friday in Geneva. In a statement during a Special Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, ADF International’s UN Legal Officer Giorgio Mazzoli urged the Council to take swift action, end the persecution of Rohingya and other minority groups, and bring the perpetrators to justice.

“Nobody should be persecuted for their faith. Myanmar is back in the hands of the same military that, since August 2017, has been carrying out a brutal and sustained campaign of genocide against the Rohingya Muslim minority in Rakhine State. The pervasive and long-standing persecution directed against Myanmar’s ethnic and religious minorities, including Christians, is an outrage to the conscience of humanity, and their plight will only continue to worsen without timely and resolute responses to the Tatmadaw’s reckless disregard for human rights,” said Mazzoli.

Watch the statement in full:

Genocide compels all States to act immediately

Experts have repeatedly warned of crimes against humanity and even genocide taking place in Myanmar. According to the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, immediate action should follow if a country is perpetrating this severest of all crimes. However, little action has yet been taken, even following the February 1st military takeover. Human rights organization ADF International is now calling for the involvement of the Security Council, which is the United Nations’ most powerful body when it comes to the maintenance of international peace.

“The international community should seek an immediate return to civilian rule in Myanmar. We urge the Security Council to overcome the current stalemate and take swift action in support of democracy and human rights. This includes imposing targeted sanctions against both the military leaders and their disgraceful enablers. Perpetrators of the gross violations of human rights that have occurred in the country should be brought to justice. Global leaders should stand in solidarity with Myanmar’s persecuted ethnic and religious minorities. Recognizing the Rohingya crisis as a genocide, in line with international law, is the first vital step,” said Mazzoli.

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