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UN Human Rights Day: Remember the victims of genocide

Anniversary of Declaration of Human Rights on 10 December; ADF International calls for protection of persecuted in the Middle East

GENEVA – On 10 December, the United Nations celebrates Human Rights Day. On this date in 1948 the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Paris. This day has been commemorated internationally since 1950. With offices at the United Nations in New York, Geneva, and Vienna ADF International constantly promotes and advocates for the human rights for all people, especially their right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion.

The Declaration’s intention was, once and for all, to secure absolute human rights.

“The Declaration’s intention was, once and for all, to secure absolute human rights. It should offer protection against the threats of governments violating the fundamental rights of man. The tragedy of the Holocaust and many other horrors of World War II could hardly have occurred without a legal denial of the fundamental rights of life, freedom of religion, speech, and conscience. Never again we must cease to uphold human dignity and the inherent worth of the individual,” said Paul Coleman, Deputy Director for ADF International.

“On Human Rights Day we must not turn a blind eye to those who are being persecuted because of their faith. No person or group should live in fear of being killed, tortured, or oppressed because of their religious beliefs.”

Right to religious freedom in the Middle East

In more than 60 countries Christians face persecution from their governments or surrounding neighbours simply because of their faith. In Syria and Iraq, they are deliberately targeted by ISIS for destruction. This is the most well documented genocide the world has ever seen. Despite the evidence, the United Nations has still not recognized the ongoing atrocities against Christians as such.

“On 10 December, as we celebrate the adoption of the human rights declaration, we should also remember those who are still being oppressed and persecuted simply because of their faith. The United Nations Security Council has been almost silent the terror against Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East. We are still waiting for the condemnation of the ongoing crimes as genocide. How can we celebrate the Declaration without taking decisive steps to apply its principles in the real world?” said Rubén Navarro, Senior UN Counsel and head of the Geneva office of ADF International.

Find more information on ADF International’s work on genocide here and our presentation of our book Never Again at the UN in Geneva here.

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