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Europe’s top human rights court rules that Belgium violated right to life in euthanasia case
Europe’s top human rights court to rule on landmark euthanasia case
WIN for university valedictorian prosecuted for graduation speech decrying woke agendas

“Too many people are dying”: Human rights lawyers implore world leaders to show concern for Nigerian victims

More Christians were killed in Nigeria in 2021 than in the rest of the world combined.
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Free speech is being shut down in schools across the world

"The censorship of academic speech is dangerous for us all. Silencing students and professors stunts free thinking. When free speech is shut down in schools, a domino effect ensues," writes Elyssa Koren.
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University student in Mexico could lose license to practice psychology for graduation speech

The Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC) responded to complaints against recent graduate, Christian Cortez Pérez, with formal proceedings to ban him from practicing psychology. A group of professors has called on the University to silence and sanction Christian because of the content of his graduation speech.
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European Court of Human Rights undermines free speech protections in Down syndrome ruling

The European Court of Human Rights has found inadmissible an application by Fondation Jérôme Lejeune claiming that the French Broadcasting Council’s designation of a Down syndrome video as not “a message of general interest” constituted unjust censorship. The Court’s failure to condemn the French authority’s treatment of Down syndrome voices stands in stark contrast to recent national decisions in Europe upholding freedom of expression.
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40 Days for Life group rejoices as court rules in favor of right to pray in the vicinity of abortion counseling facility

“Every human life is valuable and deserves protection. I am heartened that we will be able to resume our prayer vigils in support of women and their unborn children in the place where we think it makes the most sense. It is a great relief that the court has recognized our fundamental freedoms,” said Pavica Vojnović.
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Court to hear challenge to German prayer ban near abortion counseling facilities

Can authorities prohibit a silent prayer gathering on a public street in Pforzheim, Germany? This question will be addressed for the second time by the court on Thursday, 25 August.
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“Blasphemous” Pakistani couple tell of their extraordinary escape from death row

Couple speak out on new documentary by ADF International, directed by Emma Webb, ahead of UN Int'l Day for victims of violence based on religion or belief.
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Germany denies refuge to Christian convert – after family member tortured, killed for his faith

An Iranian Christian convert in Germany faces likely death for his faith as deportation looms.
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Christianity Today: Global Advocacy Impact

Can a silent, peaceful prayer be a criminal act? Not according to the case of 76-year-old grandmother Rosa Lalor, from Liverpool, who successfully challenged the penalty with support from ADF International.
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Don’t buffer the truth about censorship zones

Can the state censor conversation on a public street? Should the government have the power to prevent people from being influenced — and penalise those “guilty” of influencing?
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