United NationsDefending Freedom and Seeking Justice


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The UN’s two largest offices are in New York and Geneva. New York is home to the General Assembly (GA), the main deliberative body of the UN. There are six GA committees, several of which deal with controversial life and family matters. A number of influential functional commissions are also based in New York. Geneva is the location of the UN Human Rights Council, which has become one of the main platforms used by those wishing to advance extreme sexual agendas. Having a presence in both New York and Geneva allows ADF International to effectively engage with the world’s largest inter-governmental organization.

With 193 Member States, the UN’s influence is felt globally. Its stated goals include facilitating global peace, international security, economic development, social progress, and the promotion and protection of human rights. Because of its widespread influence, the UN is at the centre of the global battle for life, and marriage and family. ADF International’s aim is to return the UN to the goals for which it was founded.


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