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Never Again

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Never Again

Legal Responses to a Broken Promise in the Middle East

Never Again presents a comprehensive analysis of the law on genocide. Drawing on evidence of genocide since 1948 and eyewitness accounts of ISIS/Daesh atrocities, Never Again demonstrates that the system designed to safeguard the vulnerable offers only illusory protection. With the rise of non-State actors, its capacity to oppose the most egregious violations of human rights is frighteningly limited.

Ewelina Ochab and ADF International provide a blueprint to address the faults in the Convention and to ensure the law on genocide adapts to respond to terrorism. It is time to renew the pledge to stand against genocide, in all its forms.


‘The author makes an important contribution to the ongoing debate on how to accomplish an internationally binding genocide recognition and possible ways to prosecute the perpetrators of this genocide against Christians and other vulnerable groups. The future of these groups in the Middle East is at stake and the time for action is now.’

-LARS ADAKTUSSON, Member of the European Parliament


‘The author cuts through complex issues which have divided countries around the world, in a way which challenges us to use all the legal tools available to secure accountability for the perpetrators and justice for the victims of this horrifying violence.’

-FIONA BRUCE, Member of Parliament, United Kingdom


‘This comprehensive book brings together debates that have been raging the world over on how best to respond to the rise of Daesh.’

-JÁN FIGEĽ, EU Special Envoy for the promotion of freedom of religion or belief outside the EU

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