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The Global Human Rights Landscape

The Global Human Rights Landscape

A short guide to understanding the international organizations and the opportunities for engagement

‘The current state of affairs has led many men and women of good will to lose confidence in human rights. But as the authors of this guide point out, to abandon the international human rights project is to permit opponents of religious freedom, the right to life, and the institution of marriage to expand their already enormous influence. The authors maintain that it is not too late to shift the probabilities in a better direction, and their aim in this valuable book is to provide genuine friends of human rights with the necessary information and equipment to do so.’
— Mary Ann Glendon, Professor of Law, Harvard University

The major international organizations that were established in the 20th century to protect fundamental human rights are consistently being used to undermine them. This short guide seeks to answer three questions: What are the international and regional human rights institutions that exist around the world, why do they matter, and how can individuals and organizations get involved?

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The Global Human Rights Landscape

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