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This 76 year-old grandmother was arrested while praying. She’s still waiting for justice

While Christians celebrate being able to worship together again during Holy Week, earlier lockdown restrictions on religious freedoms are making it impossible for Rosa to move on, says Lois McLatchie

“For many, this Easter may be the most celebratory in a long time.

Only two years ago, Easter gatherings were illegal in the early days of the response to the Covid-19 pandemic, with churches immediately shut down for fear of infection.

As it became clear that churches were no more dangerous than supermarkets or other public spaces, churches re-opened in England with public health measures in place. The Scottish government, meanwhile, had to be challenged in court over their disproportionate decision to shut churches but not bicycle shops or off-licences. In a joyous Easter victory, Scotland’s top civil court upheld freedom of religion. Church doors swung open in time for a socially-distanced congregation to cry: “He is risen indeed!” in April 2021. Throughout the trials of learning to cope with Covid, governments learned – or were shown by the courts – that especially in times of emergency, the practice of faith is essential to society,” writes Lois McLatchie, Communications Officer for ADF International.

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