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Areté Academy – Asia is a one-week training programme for Christian law, government, and policy students living and studying in Asian countries. This Academy delivers a unique combination of substantive legal instruction, strategies for professional development, methods for cultural engagement, and spiritual formation.

Through the rigorous curriculum offered at Areté Academy – Asia, Delegates will focus on the foundations of law and justice, natural law principles, and biblical worldview training. Together, Delegates explore how these foundational principles apply to some of the most pressing issues facing society today, including religious freedom, intellectual tolerance and academic diversity, marriage and family, as well as the right of conscience and the sanctity of life. These elements are tailored to equip Delegates to fulfil their God-given vocational callings with character and excellence.

Areté Academy – Asia creates the unique opportunity for each Delegate to join a thoughtful community that values and promotes both faith and professional excellence. Delegates will establish personal connections with other students, who will then become lifelong colleagues, associates, and friends.

Can your daily work and study in law, government, and public policy honour God and make a difference in your nation?


  • Academy Details:

    August 2020

    Bangkok, Thailand

    Application will open January 2020

  • As a Delegate, you will:

    • Engage with prestigious faculty from across the world.
    • Glean valuable insights into national, regional, and global issues.
    • Explore the foundation of true human rights and the implications for society today.
    • Examine how powerful entities, such as the United Nations and national constitutional courts, are addressing current legal and cultural issues.
    • Participate in daily worship, reflection, and scriptural instruction.
  • Admission:

    Admission to the Areté Academy is highly competitive. Delegates are selected for their demonstrated academic achievement, leadership potential, and Christian commitment. Applicants must be enrolled in(or recently graduated from) a university located in Asia or be working in Asia.

    For those applicants selected to participate, ADF International and its global partner Alliance Defending Freedom will underwrite the costs for lodging, educational materials, most meals, and will assist with transportation.*

    Sessions will be presented in English. Applicants must demonstrate sufficient fluency in English to participate.

    *Transportation – a bursary of up to $300 will be provided to each participant for qualifying travel expenses.

Questions About Areté Academy?

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us at, or view our FAQ.

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