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Phimeanakas Temple Site Among The Ancient Ruins Of Angkor Wat commentary

Hindu Extremists attacked Christian Children in Southern India

' Hindu extremists in southern India who beat Christian children during worship on Jan. 19 and then filed a police complaint against the congregation left them with a warning. “If...

The Young Christian In India commentary

India’s Christians deserve protection

The Indian Supreme Court has begun hearings in a case 16 years in the making. The case will impact millions of Christians and members of other religious minorities in India.

IndiaFlag news

Justice for Indian pastors after false accusations: acquitted of kidnappings, forced conversions

MADHYA PRADESH (19 February 2020) – This week, eight Christian pastors were acquitted of all charges. They had been falsely accused of kidnapping, and forceful conversion while accompanying children to...

Kollam, Kerala, India January 19, 2017: House Warming Rituals news

Indian Supreme Court starts hearings in groundbreaking case challenging exclusion of Dalit Christians

NEW DELHI (29 January 2020) – In India, Dalit Christians and Muslims are restricted from receiving the same basic rights as Dalits who are Hindu, Sikh, or Buddhist as a result...

Delhi Gate Of Red Fort In Delhi. A Unesco World Heritage Site In commentary

Will life get worse for India’s Christians in 2020?

Most Christians in India will remember the year 2019 as challenging, to say the least. Religious minorities in general and Christians specifically suffered from an increasing number of attacks. Hindu...

Indian Churches commentary

Police Put Christian Houses under Surveillance in Tamil Nadu State, India

Hindu extremists tell officers where Christians live so they can stop worship. HYDERABAD, India, October 31, 2019 (Morning Star News) – Police in southern India’s Tamil Nadu state have put several...

Girls news

India: 17.3 million girls not born due to sex-selective abortion

NEW DELHI (10 October 2019) – In India, girls are aborted every day simply because they are not boys. Tomorrow is the International Day of the Girl Child, which was...

Ruben And His Parents news

Decisive victory for religiously persecuted in India

NEW DELHI (6 May 2019) – A pastor of a small Indian village in Madhya Pradesh was acquitted of the charges held against him under disputed anti-conversion laws. In 2016,...

India Church news

Indian pastor charged under anti-conversion law

NEW DELHI (13 March 2019) – Hostilities against Christians and other religious minorities are on the rise in India. A telling example is the ongoing case against Pastor Balu Saste,...

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