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ADF International advances the God-given right to live and speak the truth.

We contend for the truth in law, policy, and the public square, and equip our alliance to do the same.

“We envision a world where all are free to live and speak the truth, where the inherent dignity of every person is championed and all life is valued, where marriage, families, and communities thrive, and the good news of the Christian message resounds across the globe.”  

– Paul Coleman, Executive Director ADF International

ADF International Executive Director, Paul Coleman

We maintain permanent, full-time presences at the most important international organisations.

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Our Achievements

We are the largest Christian legal organization working for the good of all, bringing our unmatched international legal expertise to support our clients in courtrooms across the world, and engage in legal advocacy at the key international institutions to impact law and policy worldwide.
We create global impact by engaging at the highest levels of law and governance through advocacy at international institutions

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Our History of Success

ADF International supported challenges against disproportionate blanket bans on public worship that had been imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic across several continents. These efforts saw church doors in Scotland reopen after the successful challenge brought by Glasgow Priest Canon Tom White, closely followed by similar wins for religious freedom in Chile and Switzerland.
Vietnam released Pastor A Dao after 4 years of imprisonment. ADF International advocated for and supported his case for freedom.

ADF International supported Julia Rynkiewicz, who faced suspension from midwifery studies and a 4-month fitness-to-practice investigation as a result of her involvement in pro-life society. Nottingham University apologized, offered Julia a settlement, and reinstated her into her course of studies.
ADF International represented Mr. Altınkaynak before the European Court of Human Rights in the case Altınkaynak and others v. Turkey and won. The ECtHR ruled that Turkey violated the right to freedom of association when denying a religious foundation legal recognition in 2004.

ADF International launched the "Affirm Dignity" campaign to share information about the reality of euthanasia, and the inherent worth of every person.
Argentina Embraces Life. ADF International provided expert testimony on the draft bill before the Argentine Senate that led to the protect life and conscience under international law.

ADF International, working with its allies in Norway, helped secure a major freedom of conscience victory for medial professional, Dr. Katarzyna Jachimowicz , at Norway’s Supreme Court.
ADF International releases The ‘Conscience of Europe?’ —a publication focusing on the European Court of Human Rights’ jurisprudence on the issues of family, the sanctity of human life, and religious freedom.

ADF International launches the Affirming Dignity campaign in multiple countries throughout Europe to expose the slippery slope of euthanasia laws.
ADF International opens an office in Strasbourg, France, in order to effectively engage at the European Court of Human Rights and be a resource at the Council of Europe.

ADF International’s direct advocacy efforts at the UN, the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, the US, the UK, and France lead to recognition of ISIS’ atrocities against Christians in the Middle East as genocide.
Dimitrova v. Bulgaria (ECtHR): ADF International and its allies successfully defend Petya Dimitrova at the ECtHR after her home church was raided by police. The Court invalidated efforts by the Bulgarian government to close down her home church and affirmed her freedom of thought, conscience, and religion.
ADF International and its alliance partners in India defend Christians in 43 cases in their newly established legal assistance centres, launched in response to increased violent attacks against Christians.

ADF International is granted accreditation by the Organization of American States (OAS), enabling it to provide a significant voice on law and policy in Latin America.
Eweida v. United Kingdom (ECtHR): In January, ADF International is instrumental in a historic win protecting religious freedom.

ADF International publishes The Global Human Rights Landscape.
ADF International opens its headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

The first time an anti-conversion law (legally restricting people from converting to Christianity)—in place in six Indian states since 1967—is struck down in India.

• Boissoin v. Lund: ADF International allies successfully defend Canadian pastor Stephen Boissoin after he was reported for ‘hate speech’ simply for writing an opinion editorial supporting marriage.
Lautsi v. Italy (ECtHR): In March, ADF International successfully intervenes on behalf of 33 Members of the European Parliament from 12 different European states. The intervention is instrumental in securing a major victory on behalf of Italy and affirming the right of its people to display religious symbols in public places, including classrooms.
Special consultative status is granted at the United Nations.

ADF International receives accreditation from the European Parliament and European Commission.

• A, B, and C v. Ireland (ECtHR): In December, ADF International successfully assists in defending the people of Ireland against a direct challenge to the nation’s constitutional pro-life protections. The case reinforces the precedent that the European Convention on Human Rights cannot be interpreted as conferring a ‘right to abortion.’

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