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Tom Mortier from Belgium learned his mother was dead only when the hospital called. The day before, an oncologist–with no qualifications in psychiatry–had given her a lethal injection because she had 'untreatable depression'.

Help ensure compassionate care, not killing

Would we not all agree that a fair and just society cares for its most vulnerable? However, in some countries, it is now possible for a doctor to kill a patient who complains of depression.

Your gift below will help defend against laws that allow euthanasia and assisted suicide in various European countries. Dying with dignity means getting the best treatment possible–not letting a doctor decide that death is better for you than life, and that you need no more treatment or care.

I think you would agree that the treatment for depression is not death. Send your gift to help ADF International legally defend legal cases and stop euthanasia laws entering the UK by stealth! 

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