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All He Wants to do is Protect Children from Gender Ideology

You may recognise Billboard Chris from social media. But what you may not know is that Australia wants to censor him from speaking out against gender ideology.

Billboard Chris is a father from Canada who has grown a prominent global profile since 2020 by traveling the world wearing a sandwich board stating basic truths such as: “Children cannot consent to puberty blockers.”

Also active on Twitter/X, he posts videos of the conversations he has. In March this year, Australian authorities ordered X to take down one of his Tweets. In it, he shared a link to a news article, criticizing the appointment of a gender activist to a World Health Organization ‘panel of experts’.

Considering that X is a free speech platform, and Billboard Chris’ post did not incite violence, we want the world to ask why?

Without free speech, there can be no freedom. Once the state starts censoring “unpopular” speech, there is no logical stopping point.

With the support of ADF International and the Human Rights Law Alliance, he is taking his case to court in defense of the basic human right to free speech.

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In a free society, ideas should be challenged with ideas, not met with state censorship. We’re proud to stand with Billboard Chris – and others around the world punished for expressing their peaceful views – in defending the right to live and speak the truth.

Robert Clarke

Director of Advocacy for ADF International

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Billboard Chris took to “X” (formerly Twitter) on 28th February 2024 to share a Daily Mail article titled “Kinky secrets of a UN trans expert REVEALED”.

The article, and accompanying tweet, criticised the suitability of transgender activist Teddy Cook to be appointed to a World Health Organization “panel of experts” set to advise on global transgender policy.

Cook complained about the post to Australia’s eSafety Commissioner, who requested that “X” remove the content.

The social media platform owned by free speech advocate Elon Musk initially refused, but following a subsequent formal removal order from the Commission, later geo-blocked the content in Australia. X has since also filed an appeal against the order at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal in Melbourne.

Everyone has the right to take a stand for what they believe in. Billboard Chris is a dad with a passion for defending children from gender ideology. Like every one of us, he has the right to peacefully state his beliefs without censorship.

Australian authorities have violated his basic human right to free speech in censoring his post.

Censorship doesn’t just violate the rights of one person, it hurts all of society.

It’s easier for those in power to seek to silence dissent, than to deal with the root causes of problems plaguing society. Censorship begets more censorship and once the state wields its power to silence speech, there is no logical stopping point for government restrictions on free expression. Everyone loses when speech is restricted.

With the support of ADF International and the Australian Human Rights Law Alliance, Billboard Chris has appealed the violation of his free speech rights. On 23 May 2024, the Tribunal issued directions in the case. In his legal submissions, it is argued that the Australian authorities have violated his fundamental human right to free speech, guaranteed by international and domestic law.

As international human rights experts, ADF International is committed to protecting the right of every person to peacefully express their beliefs and to protect children from the harms of gender ideology.

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