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For Bank Transfers:

ADF International (UK)
Barclays Bank – Sort Code 203593
Account Number 60668400
Payment Reference: ‘ADF UK: Website’

Gift Aid Declaration Form:
Download here and send it to us by email.

Donation Hotline:

+44 (0)800 197 3435 (UK only)

Charity Aid Foundation (CAF):

ADF International projects around the world are made possible by your generous support.
Donations received by ADF UK will be used in compliance with UK law. Please see our Privacy Policy for a full overview of our data protection policy.

Defend Freedom & Promote Dignity

Your financial partnership with ADF International ensures our core mission of defending fundamental freedoms continues worldwide.

Pursue Justice

Help tackle the root causes undermining free and open societies by securing precedent-setting victories that benefit everyone.

Equip & Give Back

Build solidarity with those suffering for their beliefs and raise up the next generation of leaders who will uphold our freedoms.