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JUST A FEW DAYS REMAIN:  With just days left until our fiscal year ends, raising the funds we need to provide rescue, defence, and bring a strong voice of faith into the highest courts of international law has never been more important.


Faith under Fire

Christian leaders in Europe are under pressure

Protecting fundamental freedoms. Promoting the inherent dignity of all people.

Protecting fundamental freedoms. Promoting the inherent dignity of all people.

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Christian leaders in Europe are under pressure

Our Model for Lasting Change

Our Model for Lasting Change

Seeking Justice for our Clients

We advocate for our clients in courtrooms around the world alongside an alliance of thousands of lawyers.

Targeting the Root Causes

We engage at the highest levels of law and governance, securing precedent-setting victories that benefit everyone.

Raising up Future Leaders

We mobilize the leaders of tomorrow to bring about structural, systemic change for future generations.

ADF International to Highlight Defense of Persecuted Christians at International Religious Freedom Summit

High-level, non-partisan event this week showcases unprecedented support across the political spectrum on the urgent issue of Christian persecution.

U.S. Supreme Court overturns one of the world’s most extreme abortion regimes, returns decision to state-level democratic process

US Supreme Court justices have decided that each U.S. state has the freedom to determine its own abortion laws, including protections for unborn life from its earliest stages.

“Continuously shrinking space” for freedom in Turkey, warns EU

European Parliament urges Turkey to implement “positive and effective reforms” to protect freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

BAIL FOR “BLASPHEMY”: Man granted bail after 3 years in prison for “blaspheming” during neighborhood pigeon argument

Human rights advocates denounce poor treatment of Stephen Masih, who suffers from bipolar disorder.

20 years of euthanasia in Belgium: after almost 30,000 lives lost, what can we learn?

The rate of euthanasia in Belgium has increased from 235 lives lost per year (2003), to 7 lives lost per day (2021) .

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