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Become a Defender of Freedom this New Year

With your generous support, ADF International will be prepared to stand for your freedoms in critical cases this year across the world’s highest courts.

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Protecting fundamental freedoms. Promoting the inherent dignity of all people.

Protecting fundamental freedoms. Promoting the inherent dignity of all people.

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Christian leaders in Europe are under pressure

Pursuing Generational Wins

Pursuing Generational

A Generational Win achieves a significant victory that changes the law and culture of a nation for a generation. It is sustained by deliberate action so that the victory endures for future generations. We are working to secure Generational Wins in the five key areas below:

Religious freedom prevails

We counter the global persecution of Christians and advocate for the right of all people to freely live out their faith

All can speak freely

We defend freedom of speech – the foundation of every free and democratic society

Parental rights are guaranteed

We ensure the primacy of parental authority in decisions affecting children

Life is safeguarded

We uphold the inherent right to life under international law and support legal protections for life at the national level.

Marriage and the family are protected

We defend marriage and the family and challenge practices that destroy life and break family ties
Päivi reads her bible in the Finnish Parliament building

Inside a Modern-Day Heresy Trial

It was exactly one year ago, on a cold, dark winter evening in January 2022, when Paul Coleman arrived in Helsinki for the modern-day heresy trial of Finnish MP Dr. Päivi Räsänen and Bishop Juhana Pohjola.

European Parliament condemns blasphemy laws ahead of potentially landmark free speech case in Nigeria

The European Parliament has condemned “in strong terms the enforcement of blasphemy laws” and stressed the importance of the “freedom to choose one’s religion”. A 2022 Report on human rights and democracy in the world and the European Union’s policy on the matter draws particular attention to the death penalty in alleged blasphemy cases.

Op-ed: Death on Demand in Canada

In March 2023, Canada will expand its already shockingly broad MAiD, or Medical Assistance in Dying, law, to make death-on-demand available to Canadians—including so-called ‘mature minors’—suffering from mental illness.

“Terrifying”: World responds to viral video of woman arrested for silent prayer

Video emerges of charity volunteer Isabel Vaughan-Spruce arrested and charged for a silent prayer “thought crime” in UK. ADF International is supporting Isabel as part of a wider campaign to challenge censorship zone legislation.

Mexican Congressman Tried & Convicted as a “Political Offender” Over Censored Tweets, Takes Fight for Free Speech to International Body

ADF International attorneys have filed a petition with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on behalf of Mexican Congressman Gabriel Quadri.

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