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SATURDAY: Thousands expected to “March for Life” in London

  • Annual UK “March for Life” to gather thousands to Parliament Square in support of protecting both lives in a pregnancy
  • Women to speak out against the negative impact of abortion in their lives

The event, which had humble beginnings as a small scale procession through the streets of Birmingham, moved to Westminster in 2018. In recent years, numbers have risen dramatically with an estimated attendance of 7,000 in 2022 including a large turnout of youth and young families.

The theme for this year’s march is ‘Abortion Destroys the Freedom to Live’.

“While many are concerned about restrictions on freedoms, the most fundamental freedom, the freedom to live, is still not accepted as a basic human right for all. This is why we march,” explained co-director of March for Life UK, Isabel Vaughan-Spruce.

“Women and Babies Deserve Better”

After a morning pro-life festival, “LifeFest”, the march will set off at 1.30pm from the Emmanuel Center. The event ends in Parliament Square with keynote addresses and a time for prayer and reflection led by a variety of leaders from different Christian denominations.

Speakers include Lois McLatchie Miller from ADF UK, author Scott Klusendorf, as well as a testimonial from Ellie, a young woman who suffered multiple abortions before finding healing through a post-abortive counselling organisation, Rachel’s Vineyard.

“We’re told that abortion is empowering to women, but actually, I found it to have a devastating impact on my life. I’m marching, and invite others to join me, because in 2023, women and babies deserve better than being abandoned to this trauma. We can and must find solutions to support both lives in a pregnancy. Freedom for women surely means so much more than this!”, said Ellie, who will share her story at Parliament Square.

Commenting ahead of the March, ADF UK’s Lois McLatchie Miller stated, 200,000 lives are lost to abortion each year in England & Wales. With almost 1 in 5 UK women who have abortions doing so against their will, we can see there is a significant societal issue here that is leading too many women down this dangerous and heartbreaking path. With a growing push to decriminalise abortion until birth in the UK, there has never been a more significant time to stand up and be counted as those who want better for women and unborn babies.” 

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