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Parental Rights |  Elementary school children: Austria


Austria: Elementary School children subjected to radical “sexuality education” 

Topic | Parental Rights

Elementary school children in rural Vöcklabruck, Austria have been forced to partake in disturbing “sexuality education” lessons, without the knowledge or consent of their parents. For over a year, their teacher subjected them to sexually-explicit “information,” images, and actions, in addition to pressuring the students not to talk to their parents about what was happening. Further, the teacher increased pressure on the students to maintain secrecy after the parents sent an official complaint to the Austrian Directorate of Education. ADF International is now backing the parents’ case for justice following the harm inflicted upon their children by way of “comprehensive sexuality education.” 

What happened in Austria is not an isolated case, but rather exposes the radical agenda behind the global promotion of so-called “comprehensive sexuality education,” in violation of the rights of both children and their parents. Ideological curricula advancing the sexualisation of children is drafted and disseminated by international bodies such as the United Nations, and then adopted wholesale by governments and schools without parental awareness or consent. School curricula in Austria and across Europe are based on the “WHO-Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe” established in 2010. This case demonstrates the real-world impact of these standards, subjecting children to inappropriate and abusive content. 

“Parents should not have to fear the worst when they send their children off to school. No parent should have to worry that their child will be subjected to deeply problematic images and “information” at the hands of their teacher. ”

Case Summary

Background: School promises improvement in 2022 

At a parents’ evening in the fall of 2022, the teacher announced a workshop entitled “The Invisible Garden Fence,” with the stated goal of teaching children to communicate their boundaries. The parents were informed about the content of the workshop, but not told that the teacher was planning detailed “sexuality education” lessons comprised of explicit content.  

In November 2022, the third-grade class was shown graphic photos and taught about sexual practices with explicit detail in class. The youngest children were 8 years old at the time. Parents reported: “The children were visibly disturbed after the lesson.” 

After complaints from the parents, both the school and the teacher promised that this would not happen again.  

One year later: compulsive “sexuality education” lessons 

The same teacher, now in fourth grade, informed the parents that she would like to prepare the children for a workshop with a midwife in December 2023. However, again the parents were not informed about the “preparatory lessons” for the workshop, which focused on explicit age-inappropriate content. 

After these lessons, several girls spoke out about the disturbing content to which they were subjected, including a graphic lesson on contraceptive use because, as the teacher told them, you can “have sex with people you don’t like.” 

Memory logs from several children show that the teacher repeatedly described sexual practices in detail with words and pictures even when the children objected. The children were forced to engage with the lessons by passing around explicit materials. After the lesson, the children reported being “disturbed” and were visibly unable to process what they were shown and why. 

Sexually explicit content in lessons 

Neither the teacher nor the school informed the parents that a film screening on sex education was planned for a few weeks later in December 2023. 

Only later it was revealed that alongside an animated clip, the teacher showed a sexually-explicit film in which actors depicted a sex scene. One mother reported: “The children were horrified and shocked.” The teacher rewound the scene multiple times and forced the children to repeatedly watch the scene.  

Some tried to cover their eyes. Two girls reported that they had subsequently had nightmares of abuse following the film. 

2024: “Don’t tell your parents” 

The teacher instructed the children not to talk about the film or the content of their lessons with their parents or anyone else. 

In that context, the students only afterwards reported that the teacher undressed several times in front of them before gym lessons.  

The students also recounted other traumatic events including a video, which the children believed featured the teacher herself, depicting female hygiene practices in a graphic and explicit manner. 

The global promotion of radical “sexuality” education for children 

The radical indoctrination of children through “sexuality education” curricula is a global problem. The World Health Organization, UNESCO, and other actors within the United Nations system have dedicated enormous resources to the international promotion of so-called “comprehensive sexuality education” to children without parental consent. CSE guidelines are rife with examples of the extreme, sexually-explicit “information,” children are to be taught under the guise of “empowering” them.  

The ideology behind “comprehensive sexuality education” assumes that children are sexual beings from the first moments of their life. For example, Uwe Sielert, a proponent of extreme sexual pedagogy, worked with the WHO Regional Office for Europe to develop the 2010 “Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe.” These standards promote an aberrant vision of sexuality education for children, far removed from basic sexual health information, in direct violation of the rights of parents. Further, they lay the groundwork for cases such as that of these Austrian children who have been subjected to abusive content at the hands of their teacher. 

“Catastrophic implications of an agenda”

Parents have a great responsibility to protect their children from harm, but they can’t do that if they don’t know what is happening behind classroom doors. And children have the right to be protected from harm. Exposing children to radical ‘sexuality education’ thus violates the rights of both children and their parents. 

What happened to these Austria children demonstrates the catastrophic implications of an agenda that seeks to indoctrinate children outside of the control of their parents. 

Austria guarantees parental rights, recognising that parents are best positioned to protect their children, and these rights are likewise enshrined in international law. 

Parents should not have to fear the worst when they send their children off to school. No parent should have to worry that their child will be subjected to deeply problematic images and “information” at the hands of their teacher.  

That is why we are pushing back against the secret importation of this radical and explicit content–in this school, for the benefit of these students and their parents. But also for other children and parents who may not yet be aware of the materials being used in schools across Europe,” commented Dr. Felix Böllmann, Director of European Advocacy at ADF International. 

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