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ADF International is revitalizing the international legal system by building a strong alliance of Christian professionals through several world-class training programmes. Whether you’re a lawyer, law student, or university student, we have a programme that’s tailored for your chosen field of practice. Our programmes envision and equip you, not only to thrive in your chosen field of practice, but also to make a lasting impact in the preservation of religious freedom.

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Areté Academy

Areté Academy is designed for outstanding young professionals and university students who are on a path to future leadership in law, government, or public policy. Applicants from Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the United States can apply to attend an Academy programme taking place in any of these regions.



ADF Summit equips international lawyers to engage the culture and effectively advocate for religious liberty, the sanctity of life, and marriage and family. The programme is taught by renowned academics and lawyers and is run by Alliance Defending Freedom, a partner of ADF International.

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Veritas Scholarship

The Veritas Scholarship is a year-long graduate programme offering a full immersion experience with ADF International’s advocacy teams across Europe. The scholar is fully integrated into the team with the unique opportunity of applying their existing skills whilst developing new ones and obtaining deep knowledge of ADF International’s work.


Blackstone Legal Fellowship

The Blackstone Legal Fellowship is a leadership development programme that brings together highly-credentialed Christian law students from the world’s top law schools to receive intense training in constitutional law, human rights law, and Christian worldview. The programme is run by our partner Alliance Defending Freedom.


ADF International is pleased to be able to offer a limited number of internships in our European offices (Brussels, London, Geneva, Strasbourg, and Vienna). An internship usually lasts between four and six weeks. Places are limited and applicants will be selected on a competitive basis.

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